Construction Cleanup

Construction Cleanup Charlotte

Construction Cleanup in Charlotte, NC

If your home or business is undergoing a construction project, you may be in need of a construction cleanup job. Home renovations and construction can leave a difficult mess, one that is best left to the professionals. Here at Skyline Services USA, our commercial cleaning experts provide thorough post construction clean up services.

We have served the Charlotte and Matthews, NC areas for over 15 years. Our team uses a combination of the industry’s leading products, professional equipment, and trusted methods to get the job done right. Call now to get your construction cleanup quote!

Local Construction Cleanup Services

For a detailed oriented cleaning approach, there’s only one choice: Skyline Services USA! We are your local Matthews, NC commercial cleaning service. Our team provides outstanding service, thanks to experienced members who bring over 15 years of knowledge to the table. Contact Skyline Services USA today for affordable construction cleanup at 704-995-0482.

Safe Construction Cleaning Services

At Skyline Services USA, our team provides safe and trusted construction cleaning services. Construction projects can leave a big mess that require an extensive clean. If your home or business is not properly cleaned prior to moving in, the results could pose serious health or safety risks. At Skyline, we work to ensure your environment is safe for your employees or family members to work or live in.

Regardless of the construction project you need, the team at Skyline Services USA will meticulously clean so that your space is move-in ready in a timely fashion!

We cover the entire space! This includes:

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  • Hallways
  • Break rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Offices
  • Parking garages

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Construction Cleanup

Our Post Construction Cleaning Services

With all of this, you can have peace of mind that your commercial space will be cleaned to the highest standards. In fact, Skyline Services USA offers a broad list of post construction cleaning services, including:

  • Commercial Dusting: To ensure that commercial spaces are properly cleaned after a construction project, we thoroughly dust your space. The team knows dust goes beyond the surface. As a result, we clean beyond the service – even cleaning the air diffusers.
  • Dry and Damp Fixture Cleaning: Upon moving in, tenants will not have to worry about residual dust or debris on the space’s fixtures. Our skilled team cleans lights and other fixtures and even damp cleans all bathroom fixtures.
  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning: Regardless of what happens during construction, your carpets are in great hands. Carpet cleaning services include vacuuming and spot cleaning. We also handle deep carpet cleaning.
  • Hard Flooring Cleaning: Covering a variety of hard floors, including an array of tile, hardwood and vinyl flooring, our team will handle whatever comes our way. The team mops and waxes the floors to have them looking as good as new.
  • Cleaning of Walls, Windows Ceilings, and Doors: At Skyline Services USA, we even clean the walls, ceilings and doors or your home or business. This is to rid them of any residual dust, scuffs, and other markings from construction. Windows and interior glass should be thoroughly cleaned in order to leave them spotless.
  • Other Commercial Cleaning Services: Skyline Services USA also provides light exterior property maintenance, pressure washing, garbage and waste removal, and more.