Commercial Floor Cleaning Charlotte-Matthews

Commercial Floor Cleaning Charlotte-Matthews

Skyline Services USA has been serving North Carolina for almost two decades as the number one in commercial cleaning. Skyline Services USA offers affordable, quality commercial cleaning services, including Complete Floor Care. The Complete Floor Care Package covers the cleaning hardwood, tile and carpet flooring.

Hardwood Floor Services

In order to ensure that your hardwood floors are being cleaned properly, seek a professional such as Skyline Services USA. Offering an array of services in one comprehensive package, Skyline Services USA works to ensure that unseen dirt, grime and debris are removed so your floors are left looking great.

  • Deep Cleaning: Reaching hard-to-reach areas and restoring the floor’s pH balance, while using a variety of tools from squeegees to a specialized vacuum and high-speed rotary brush in conjunction with our elite cleaning solution, our technicians will have your floors looking like new.
  • Floor Protection: Once your floors have been professionally cleaned, the technicians will ensure that your floors are protected by applying a special sheen protective coat to the floors. This gives your floor protection from water, chemicals, and helps resist scratches and scuffs.
  • Floor Preservation: Our technicians can give you tips on how to preserve your hardwood floors. Schedule an appointment with Skyline Services USA every 6-12 months for optimal results.

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Tile and Carpet Floor Services

Optimize the cleanliness of your facility while improving air quality in your company’s facility with Skyline Services USA. Skyline Services USA’s Complete Floor Care Package covers commercial carpet cleaning, carpet protection, tile and grout cleaning, grout and color seal, stone floor cleaning and more.

  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning: Increase your carpet’s longevity with a professional cleaning. Skyline Services USA utilizes heat and pressure to remove dust, dirt and debris. Having your floors cleaned by a professional cleaning service not only improves the overall facility and air quality, but it enhances the company’s image too.
  • Carpet Protection: Skyline Services USA offers carpet protection, which minimizes wicking and bleeding of stains, allowing for a more effective clean. Using a special formula, a technician sprays the carpet to create a shield to protect your carpet.
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning: Skyline Services USA offers tile and grout cleaning on an array of surfaces including: ceramic tile, polished concrete, brick walkways, concrete walls, quarry kitchen tile, and more. Having your tile and grout cleaned can decrease the risk of slips and falls by increasing traction, and with a professional service such as Skyline Services USA you can improve the overall cleanliness of your facility and extends your floor’s life.
  • Grout and Color Seal: After your tile floor is professionally cleaned, Skyline Services USA offers a grout color seal to help increase your floor’s longevity while improving the look of your grout. Opt for this service and restore uniformity with your floors, while leaving a natural looking grout texture.
  • Stone Floor Cleaning: Have your stone floor looking as good as new and protect it from wear and tear with Skyline Services USA professional cleaning services. Skyline Services USA hones and polishes your stone floors. There are many benefits to seeking a professional cleaning service for your stone floors, including creating better uniformity through the removal of soil, dirt, and topical coatings.

Proudly serving the Charlotte area, Skyline Services USA is your trusted commercial cleaner. The team of trained technicians work to ensure every inch of your facility is cleaned to the highest quality of standards, employing a variety of methods to ensure cleaning is optimized. Find out more about how you can keep your floor cleans, and contact Skyline Services USA at 704-995-0482.